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 beautiful souls
I'm the kind of guy that will always be there for you no matter what. Feel free to come to me about anything whether to just rant or actually for advice. other then that. I use alot of faces :3 and im easy to talk to. Donate to childrens hospital Christmas fund here

Train like your buddy’s life depends on it.


Train like your buddy’s life depends on it.

Anonymous said: Me: Ayeee I wonder how Fabu is doingg *creeps tumblr* ~~~~DEPRESSING POSTS AND PICK UP LINES~~~~ Everything seems okie dokies.

ayyyyyyyyy i was thinking bout you the other day…was all hmm i wonder how that hoe’s doing….”cause-eee-ahhh” mhm still going with that one. 

alright anyway, thanks for visiting! xD 

 don’t know why or whats going on just that i feel like I’m not even attached to the person I am.

And i know there are people in my life that notice or are “always there for me” but not a single one of them really knows me, not truly and not fully and unfortunately thats what i need lately.

Spend some time away from everyone 

Only reply to real friends that i can really rely on.


Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

Margaret Mead (via luatide)

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